About Us

The Watertight Management team has been united through a passion for delivering clean drinking water from source to tap. We have achieved this for a broad spectrum of clients, both nationally and internationally.

More than 15 years of working within the water industry means we have developed a bespoke range of skill sets, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience of all aspects of the clean and waste water system.

These skills have formed the bedrock for the team to move forward and work with independent clients in the UK such as the Ministry of Defence, most major Water companies, local councils, and many individual commercial and domestic users. Involvement with the Project Management of Clean Water contracts in areas such as Amman and Portugal has expanded the knowledge of the team to include international water standards and requirements.

Watertight Management’s success is built on a team whose diverse project experiences and capabilities give us the ability to provide both turn key and bespoke contracts which meet the client’s individual needs. At Watertight Management we believe that each client is individual; however, quality of work, customer service and cost are the golden thread that runs through any contract. We meet these requirements by understanding the needs of our clients and working closely to attain satisfaction, providing a workable solution within budget.

Recent successful contracts have included:

  • Thames Water – Re-zoning North London’s clean drinking water infrastructure.
  • Ministry of Defence – Clean water Leakage Detection and Network Repair and Maintenance (R&M)
  • Annington Homes – Network validation on potable supply and sewer systems. Repairs and replacement of networks

On behalf of one of the UK’s leading water industry consultancy groups we have created an extremely successful Civil Engineering division.

All of Watertight Management’s past experiences and success’ make us best placed to assist with any water engineering projects. Our business is split into two main areas; Water Services and Engineering, please explore each section to see where your requirements sit. We provide a proactive and reactive service; and pride ourselves on being able to identify and prevent problems before they arise. Where incidents do occur we are centrally located to support any reactive requirements.

It is the diverse experience and niche skill sets that conceived Watertight Management and drives us forward; we bring industry accreditation, best practices and our depth of knowledge to home owners, business’ and organisations at an affordable price. Watertight Management has established itself as a professional team who can assist with your project from planning through to construction; affordability remains at the heart of our business unlike larger corporations who carry high internal overhead costs that in turn leave their clients to pay the premium.

The Watertight Management team therefore is the number one choice to guide and assist you through every juncture of your clean or wastewater project. Get in touch and challenge us to exceed your expectations. Our driving force is to

“Deliver our Clients a corporate service, but with the touch of a local business”