Network Care

At Watertight Management we have the ability to take care of all your water supply and sewer needs. Using high quality data logging we can monitor both the flow and pressure around your network to build up a picture of your water demand. High frequency logging can be used to capture even the slight fluctuations in flow or pressure levels.

Through asset auditing and facilities we will highlight areas where water use can be reduced or optimised to reduce your bills. We will work with you to explore the possibilities of grey water harvesting to further reduce your bills.

After the audit has taken place Watertight Management will send in a team to locate and quantify any leaks on your water system both inside and outside of your properties. We will then work with you to select the best time and method to repair the leaks again reducing your bill.

Jetting and a camera survey will be carried out on your sewer systems; this will, in the first instance, clear any blockages from your sewers and secondly will highlight any possible areas of weakness inside the sewer which may result in future failures.

Watertight Management will locate and aim to repair the failures in the sewer system at the same time as repairing the clean water system. At all times the work carried out on the clean water and the work on the sewer system will be kept separate to avoid any cross contamination.

Once the entire network has been mapped and all leaking assets either repaired or replaced watertight Management will continue to monitor your flow and pressure looking for any changes that may indicate a problem in your system. We will then look to return to locate and remedy the problem as soon as possible. We will also carry out a bi-annual leakage sweep of your system to check for any new occurrences that can be fixed quickly therefore minimising the loss of water and cost to the company.

Our Total Network Care Packages are turnkey packages that can be used on any system from large problematic distribution networks to smaller commercial sites. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will arrive at a solution beneficial to your needs.